The Japanese Sandwich

The Japanese Sandwich

One thing that really could be improved upon here is the quality of pre-packed sandwiches. Usually it’s best to not even try and work out what’s inside, the truth would be too depressing.

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  1. it takes me back to my days in Tokyo, spaghetti bolognese sandwiches, yes!……. with the pasta!….., strawberry and cream sandwiches…..and fish finger type thing sandwiches.
    All served in English type white bread, well buttered, elegantly cut into triangles, crusts removed and laid on whte English bone china plates.
    All washed down with cold coffee from a can out of a vending machine that said “thank you”.

  2. RMilner

    There are such nice pastries in Japanese bakeries you should only eat sando from a combini when you are desperate.

  3. Sarajevo

    i think is not that bad as sandwich in Bosnia(they use Remia mayonnaise with at least 10 additives)and salame with some red dots-probabaly from dried blood

  4. You’ve got me there – that sounds pretty awful!

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