Andy in Tokyo


Nov 27th 2006
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Taken from a restaurant in Ginza last night. I’m writing this entry using my mobile phone on the train home from work as there’s not enough arm space for me to open a book and read, and to be quite honest I’d rather not just have to stand and stare at the back of someone’s head for 10 minutes, which is the only other option. Last Friday some random weirdo decided to do a full gymnastic warm-up by using the handles for standing passengers. It was like a mobile version of the olympics, only totally rubbish. What was the other passengers’ reaction? Pretend to sleep, of course!

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  1. uncle n says:

    Reminds me of a similar experince!..
    Got on a train one night from Osaka bound for Kyoto. A Japanese guy, obviously Yakuza, (lets call him Yoshi), dressed in the modern Samurai fashion, black suit, black shirt white tie, and white “enamel” shoes boards the train, sits next to the window, removes his shoes and puts them on the vacant seat next to him, immediately he crosses his arms and falls into a deep coma………All eyes turn away!
    We frown and look confused.
    At the next stop 10% of the Japanese population board the train.
    The shoes still have their own seat!
    Women with shopping bags, business men with briefcases, and children with satchels are all standing……..pretty important shoes we think!!!!
    Immediately in front of Yoshi stands a well dressed bespectacled salary man in his fifties hanging on to the handle, grey suit and obligatory Maigret mac ,(lets call him Tomi).
    Tomi looks at the shoes then looks away, looks again then looks away. The process is repeated for four stops.
    I wonder what Tomi’s thinking!
    Finally Tomi looks at his watch, leans over to the window, slides it open, leans forward, picks up Yoshi’s “enamel” shoes and discretely puts them through the open window then slides its closed. It’s all over in a second.
    We look at each other wide eyed. No one saw a thing!
    And you guessed it!!…… Tomi got off at the next stop!
    Not a word was said or a glance exchanged., the journey continued…….just two worse for drink English guys laughing so much that they decided it was better to alight at the next stop and find the nearest toilet!!!!!
    Always wondered what happened next?

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