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Golden Week

May 5th 2008
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Golden Week is here! Let’s do some mountain climbing!

The only tranquil section of Mt Takao

Ah yes, the smell of the wet earth, the sour tang of fern trees – this is nature at its finest. It’s so nice to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city and just, you know, get back to my country roots.

Enormous queue on Mt Takao

Whoa now, what the bloody hell is going on here? Where did all these lot come from? It’s not the queue for the toilet, is it?

Trees on the summit of Mt Takao

Ahh yes, this is more like it. Trees, and sky, and… erm… birds, perhaps?

The view from Mt Takao

Just look at those clouds. Full of malice, they are.

Millions of tourists on the summit of Mt Takao

Oh now come on, be fair. I wanted just one day of peace and quiet and look what happens – three thousand people follow me and then decide to have a picnic on the summit. I want an Alsatian, then I could say…

Hachioji (I think) from Mt Takao

“You lot! get your fat little behinds off my mountain and back to Hachioji, or Steve (good name for an Alsatian, I think) will be going round the summit snipping off some scrotes.”

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