Walking from Shibuya to Harajuku

I went to Shibuya and Harajuku yesterday for some shopping and a bite to eat. Google Japan were doing one of their “Things you can do with Google” promotions (“Googleで、できること”), which I’d heard about at Danny’s Tuesday night dinner (more stuff about this from Ken and W+K). The sign says “Fly in the sky in Shibuya”:

There were a set number of tickets available throughout the day for people who wanted to take part. There was no shortage of balloons:


Here some staff members were preparing to attach the first flyer of the afternoon to the balloons:

By this time lots of people had gathered round to see what was going on. The first flyer – a girl in her early twenties – was helmeted and attached to the balloons by several sturdy-looking ropes. Finally, after quite literally minutes of anticipation, the girl was released:

Well… that wasn’t quite what the crowd were expecting, although the girl did seem to enjoy herself. So did this chap:

It’s a short walk from Shibuya to Omotesando: one of Tokyo’s poshest streets:

This is the interior of Omtesando Hills, which was opened in 2005 and designed by Tadao Ando. The shops are eye-bleedingly expensive:

Omotesando Crossing is where Meiji-dori and Omotesando meet. It’s always busy around here:

Roadworks along Meiji-dori. I like the illuminated traffic cones. They would serve as a fantastic addition to any university student’s bedroom:

This is the exterior of Uniqlo’s special UT store, which is a short walk towards Shibuya from Omotesando Crossing:

As you can see, Uniqlo now sell Japanese women in conveniently-sized plastic containers, and at very reasonable prices:

Oh, so they’re just t-shirts then. How disappointing:

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  1. k

    they had more than just red balloons when i went. ^^. did you manage to get the free keitai screen wiper?

  2. I didn’t know they were giving stuff away – always miss out on the freebies!

  3. I hope the girl in the video didn’t have a full stomach when she went for her “ride”!

  4. Those are some great photos! Harajuku and Shibuya are my two favorite places in Tokyo.

    Those damn road cones have been ruining the look and feel of Meiji-dori for years. I have no idea what they are working on but I wish they would finish soon.

  5. I recently walked between almost the same two stations, but at night. Interesting to see the difference in shots you took. Mine are not posted yet though.

  6. Lovely photos.
    Lol at baloon girl.

  7. Kurlach

    Great photos, really nice. Some of the street scenes reminded me (in a way) of London.

  8. So many balloons together, as if really looks very bright and delicious, like strawberries!
    I have Been to Tokyo for three times, like that city quite much,That feeling within mant differents!
    your picture was also Fabulous!

  9. Done quite a bit of walking in that area. Your photos definitely make it look more interesting than any of the times I’ve been there.

  10. nice group of pics! The illuminated traffic cones are awesome to bike by late at night. speedy!


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