Japanese stand-up show Enta no Kamisama has produced its fair share of superstar comedians. One of the most popular at present is Kameko Nobuo, who bounces around stage in a ridiculously tight spandex shirt waving gold pom-poms in the air before telling the audience some decidedly kimoi (disgusting or gross) things.

I haven’t been able to add Japanese subtitles to any of Kameko’s YouTube videos (anyone know if it’s possible?), but even if you don’t know what he’s saying I think the general kimoiness of his character shines through in this clip:

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3 Responses

  1. He says 3 jokes:

    1) (0.33) Maybe it’s about time I got myself a change of clothes..?

    …into a swimsuit with high-cut legs!! (Kimoi! Kimoi!)

    2) (0.48) I have loads of confidence in the words I would use to propose to someone…

    Why, you ask..? Because my mum told me them!! (Kimoi! Kimoi!)

    3) (1.10) Isn’t my stomach great?

    I became pregnant with the devil’s child! (Kimoi! Kimoi!)


    I’ve seen better videos of him in Japan - the jokes here unfortunately don’t translate too well! Still, a pretty funny act. Have you seen Kaneko? (The schoolkid). He cracks me up!

  2. Ah! I didn’t read your post carefully and thought you hadn’t been able to translate it! ^^; Oh well…

  3. Mike,

    Thanks for the translations (saved me a job!), and yeah, Kaneko is great! I should write a post about him as well.

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