Looking out of my window in Japan

This is the view from our spare bedroom. We’ve lived in this apartment for about three years now, and despite its age (it was built in the late 1960s, which by Japanese standards makes it practically medieval) it’s a great place. Noisy neighbours are not a problem for us as the walls are solid concrete - almost 2 feet thick in places - which also helps to keep the heat in in winter. In fact, we rarely need to put the heating on.

This photo is looking east towards central Tokyo. Roughly speaking, Shinjuku is straight ahead, Ikebukuro is to the left-hand side and Yokohama is to the right. The construction work in the foreground will eventually be a car showroom. They’ve been working on it since May and the noise is ABSOLUTELY EFFING RIDICULOUS.

One of Tokyo’s main train lines (Chuo/Sobu) isn’t quite visible in this shot, but can be clearly seen from our balcony. The nearest train station is a mere 3 minutes walk, which is very handy indeed.

(Thanks to Shane at the Nihon Sun for the idea!)

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  1. i thought that was your balcony there in the foreground!

  2. [...] Andy in Tokyo share the view towards Shinjuku, Ikebukuro and Yokohama from his spare bedroom. [...]

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