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Daily Tokyo Occurrence 1: The Street Sloth

Apr 28th 2009
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The Street Sloth is a particularly widespread pest. It is native to Tokyo, but has now spread throughout Japan, and can even be found in some of the world’s major cities during the summer migratory period. This heel-clad monstrosity walks along pavements in a zigzag fashion, blocking the progress of anyone who would like to get to work before Christmas.

The Street Sloth has an ingenious method for killing its prey: it will walk in a straight line for a brief period, luring would-be overtakers into a false sense of security, before suddenly lunging “accidentally” into their way, forcing them into the path of an oncoming heavy-goods vehicle. It then feasts on the corpse, taking only the poor victim’s mobile phone strap as a memento of its kill.

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  1. Hao says:

    LOL, didn’t even know that sloths existed in Japan ^^ never saw one! Looks cute enough so I guess I would be a victim of its killing streak =)

    Bigger picture would be great!

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