Cycling in Tokyo

Tokyoites are fond of their bicycles, and with good reason. Roads here in the megapolis are not particularly car-friendly. In my neck of the woods, for example, you’d be hard pushed to drive further than sixty metres without meeting an intersection or set of traffic lights.

Getting around by bicycle, on the other hand, is a breeze. It also seems to free you from those cumbersome traffic laws that vehicles are obliged to obey: cyclists happily weave across pavements, dart through red lights, flatten pensioners and wheelie across the sky in an ET-esque montage.

Pavement weaving is particularly annoying: it makes the walk home from the supermarket with heavy shopping bags a Spartan test of endurance; it also fills me with an irresistible urge to throw a stick through the spokes and watch, gleefully, as the hapless weaver is catapulted over the handlebars and into the side of a bus.

To find out whether I was legally justified in clotheslining the most spatially-unaware individuals I turned to Google, which directed me to this great post.

The rules boil down to: ‘Exercise some common sense, and ride safely’.

Hear hear! Now all we need is for the most wearisome of wheelwrights to develop some common sense.

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  1. Ahh, a stick through the spokes. A vision I’ve played in my head many a time. Unfortunately it violates the principle of “Exercise some common sense, and ride safely”, but it would make an awesome YouTube video.

    • Byron,

      Cheers for the comment! You’ve got a point there – Iooks like I’ll have to stick to moaning about it on here instead.