The joys of ordering food and drink in Japanese

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Posted 29 Jul 2010 in Japan, Japanese Language, Only in Japan

A chain café in Japan. Lunchtime:

“Welcome! Customer, will you be eating in?”
“Very good. What would you like?”
“I’d like a medium-sized café latte, please.”
“A… sorry, what was that?”
“A café late, please. Medium size.”
“One café latte! What size?”
“Medium – ’Em’ size – please.”
“Okay! That’ll be ¥360. Please wait by the counter for your drink.”

Two minutes later, by the counter:

“Here you are. One small ice coffee.”

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  1. Hehe, good one. I think the word “size” confused him. :) I guess it sounds too much like “ice”.

    • Mitja: the terrified shit-it’s-a-customer look in his eyes suggested that the entire world and all its people confused him.

      • hehe, I know that look. :) But now, I’m confused, since you’re saying that you made this order in japanese. Guess you must scared him quite a bit. ;)

        • I must have. I think sometimes they assume that I’m going to speak to them in English and get all worked up about it. Then when I speak in Japanese they still think I’m speaking English and are trying to listen for English-sounding words. It’s odd. It doesn’t happen all the time, though, just every now and then.

  2. ryocchin

    did you order it in japanese language or english?

  3. LOL
    Yeah I think you nailed it. They were listening for english so the Japanese was never processed.

  4. It gets even funnier when they actually comprehend what you are saying to them in Japanese perfectly but their brain fails to register it and they try really hard to answer you in English.

    I think they just do not expect Japanese language coming out of a foreign face…=)

  5. hahaha…

    it`s funny!…i wonder if i order like that too ^^

  6. This is my new favorite blog.


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