North Yorkshire

You may have noticed a distinct lack of postage on this blog recently. This is because the missus and myself were back in the UK, seeing my family. There’ll be more Japan-related posts soon(ish). In the meantime, here are some photos from our little sojourn.

Sheep. Unsurprisingly, you see lots of sheep in the Yorkshire Dales. These ones were hanging about near Leyburn.

A dry-stone wall. You see lots of these in the Dales, as well.

Wensleydale. Famous for its cheese, it’s also one of the few dales named after a village, rather than the river that runs through it.

A random farmhouse in Wensleydale.

Driving through the Dales from Leyburn towards Kettlewell. Kettlewell was horrendously busy because of the annual scarecrow festival, so we decided to drive straight through it. The roads are very narrow in places, which makes for the occasional hair-raising encounter with oncoming vehicles.

A lot of cars stopped beside potholes along Buttertubs Pass. Legend has it farmers used to store their butter tubs inside the potholes on their way to market, to keep them cool.

Looking towards Hawes from high up on Buttertubs Pass.

The missus goes to have a word with two unruly sheep. These little buggers refused to move off the road for cars, despite much beeping of horns.

Looking towards Muker (pronounced mew-ker, not muck-er) from Buttertubs Pass.

A very lonely farm high up on the Dales.

6am: Getting the hot air balloon ready at York Racecourse for a flight across the Vale of York.

Twenty minutes later and we’re off.

York. York Minster can be seen in the centre.

Our balloon reflected in the River Foss.

The A64, which links Leeds, York and Scarborough.

It was a truly beautiful day for ballooning. You could see for miles.

You could see right into farmyards, and people’s back gardens.

We landed in a cut cornfield about 20 miles southeast of York.

The field was as far away from a main road as you could possibly get. The missus and I were sent to flag down the rescue vehicles.

Boating on the River Ouse, which runs through the centre of York. The boat we rented travelled at a glacial pace. A three-legged, blind terrier could move faster than we did.

Walking the scenic route. This bridge crosses the River Swale downstream from Richmond.

Richmond Castle in the background.

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