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Akebono’s Gleeful Journey

Posted 12 Feb 2010 — by Andy in Tokyo
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Akebono has had many fine achievements during his forty years on earth: becoming the first foreign sumo wrestler to achieve the rank of yokozuna, winning eleven top division titles, and, err… managing to win one fight out of twelve in his career as a K-1 fighter.

Okay, so things may have gone a bit downhill after sumo, but when you’ve reached the highest echelons of one of the most famous sports in the world it’s always going to be hard to go one better. But recently the big man has roared back into the limelight thanks to a series of adverts for Fox’s latest smash hit comedy/drama thingy, Glee.

Words can’t really do the adverts justice. All you need to know is that they involve a lot of Akebono singing and dancing. The song? ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ by Journey – nothing could be more appropriate.

Check it out for yourself:

You can catch the rest of Akebono’s adverts on YouTube or one of the many Fox-related channels on Japan’s satellite TV network, Sky PerfecTV.

ANA’s ‘Mohican’ jet returns

Posted 03 Dec 2009 — by Andy in Tokyo
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Japan’s second airline, All Nippon Airways (ANA), has decided to go back to the future by reintroducing this funky ‘Mohican’ livery, which was last seen in the skies twenty years ago:
ANA's Mohawk jet
Unfortunately only one plane – a Boeing 767 now operating between Tokyo and Kyushu – has been given the new (or should I say old) paint job. I think it looks fantastic, especially when compared with ANA’s current bland, identikit early-90s branding. Perhaps a concerted on-line campaign will encourage them to repaint more of their fleet.

More infomation: ANA’s offical press release

UNIQLOCK for the iPhone

Posted 24 Nov 2008 — by Andy in Tokyo
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For the past couple of years UNIQLO have been using their UNIQLOCK – an online timer/screensaver thingy – to promote their latest wares. The idea is quite simple: get several good-looking Japanese girls, dress them in this season’s new clothes, get them to perform weird manouvres, add a quirky song by Fantastic Plastic Machine, and Bob’s yer uncle, a sure fire hit!

You can now download the UNIQLOCK to your iPhone (or iPod Touch). I’m not really sure why you’d want to, but there you go. You can also add a fancy widget thingy to your blog or website, like this:

Click on the clock above for full-screen dancing girl goodness.

Walking from Shibuya to Harajuku

Posted 05 Oct 2008 — by Andy in Tokyo
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I went to Shibuya and Harajuku yesterday for some shopping and a bite to eat. Google Japan were doing one of their “Things you can do with Google” promotions (“Googleで、できること”), which I’d heard about at Danny’s Tuesday night dinner (more stuff about this from Ken and W+K). The sign says “Fly in the sky in Shibuya”:

There were a set number of tickets available throughout the day for people who wanted to take part. There was no shortage of balloons:


Here some staff members were preparing to attach the first flyer of the afternoon to the balloons:

By this time lots of people had gathered round to see what was going on. The first flyer – a girl in her early twenties – was helmeted and attached to the balloons by several sturdy-looking ropes. Finally, after quite literally minutes of anticipation, the girl was released:

Well… that wasn’t quite what the crowd were expecting, although the girl did seem to enjoy herself. So did this chap:

It’s a short walk from Shibuya to Omotesando: one of Tokyo’s poshest streets:

This is the interior of Omtesando Hills, which was opened in 2005 and designed by Tadao Ando. The shops are eye-bleedingly expensive:

Omotesando Crossing is where Meiji-dori and Omotesando meet. It’s always busy around here:

Roadworks along Meiji-dori. I like the illuminated traffic cones. They would serve as a fantastic addition to any university student’s bedroom:

This is the exterior of Uniqlo’s special UT store, which is a short walk towards Shibuya from Omotesando Crossing:

As you can see, Uniqlo now sell Japanese women in conveniently-sized plastic containers, and at very reasonable prices:

Oh, so they’re just t-shirts then. How disappointing:

Tommy Lee Jones advertising Boss Coffee

Posted 15 Jun 2008 — by Andy in Tokyo
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Way back in November 2006 I wrote about Tommy Lee Jones advertising Boss Coffee (“Hollywood Celebrities and Japanese advertising”). We’re now up to episode 14 of this bizarre alien-in-Japan saga, and thankfully some kind soul has collected the first thirteen together into one YouTube compilation so you can catch up with the story so far:

Hollywood celebrities and Japanese advertising

Posted 06 Nov 2006 — by Andy in Tokyo
Category Advertising in Japan, Only in Japan, TV, Video

When I first came to Japan I expected that – seeing as the economic bubble burst in the early 90′s – the trend of Japanese companies paying horrendous sums for past-it Hollywood “talent” to advertise their goods was well and truly over. Oh how very wrong I was…

Tommy Lee Jones is currently the face of Boss Coffee, one of many, many canned coffee companies that provide that essential caffeine-boost for your average nine-to-nine salaryman. The basic premise is an alien being lands in Japan, takes the form of Tommy Lee Jones in order to “blend in” with the locals (err, well…), and attempts to understand the nature of human society by taking random part-time jobs in Tokyo. The end result is a collection of bat-shit insane TV adverts that, thanks to the power of YouTube, you too can now enjoy! Here’s the latest one, in which Tommy takes a job working the night shift in a karaoke bar:

There’s also Meg Ryan currently advertising Nescafe, but sadly with Nestle being a nondescript multinational corporation with an international brand image to uphold, all the commercials are about as amusing as an evening down the pub with Michael Howard.