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Engrish of the Month

Posted 30 Mar 2009 — by Andy in Tokyo
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For God’s sake man, if you’re going to smoke in the toilet at least try to aim for the bowl:

Typhoon No. 9

Posted 08 Sep 2007 — by Andy in Tokyo
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Thursday night saw the arrival of Typhoon No. 9 in Tokyo, and it was a big ‘un: Winds reached speeds of 90 kph, at least two people died, and the city’s transportation network was thrown into chaos.

Meanwhile, I slept through the entire event, waking up at 8am to look out of the living room window to remark that it ‘looks a bit windy out’. Things seem to be back to normal now, at least in western Tokyo. The emergency services are well prepared for disasters – when you expect earthquakes to flatten everything at least once a century, dealing with typhoons must be more of a sort of training exercise for the Big Event, which will hopefully happen when I’m not here.

I came across an Engrish of staggering outrageousness today:

A what-burger?

Continuing the phallic theme, I discovered this air freshener in an izakaya last week:

Phallic air freshener