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  1. Vicky Enea

    Dear Andy, have been scouring the internet for reliable blogs from Tokyo and came across yours…My son is due to start at Temple University in late August. I feel the official bulletins on Fukishima are dubious and I’m worried about the long-term effects of the radiation, even in Tokyo, through contaminated food, water etc.
    It’s my son’s dream to study and work in Japan, but now things don’t look so bright…how do you cope with the realities of radiation – food for example? I think the Japanese diet is probably the healthiest in the world, but since leakage from the plant into the sea, how can you guarantee what you eat is not contaminated? Do you take precautions like iodine pills? Do you plan to stay in Tokyo or leave for short periods? I wanted to know what it feels like to be in Tokyo in these dark days..please advise

    Best wishes,


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