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The Umbrella Phenomenon

Posted 13 Nov 2009 — by Andy in Tokyo
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Umbrellas in Shibuya

Now, you may think that people only use umbrellas when it’s raining. You would be wrong. In Tokyo it is now perfectly acceptable to use them at the merest whiff of the wet stuff. This has lead to the phenomenon of Mass Umbrellaism, where large groups of people open umbrellas before exiting train stations, supermarkets and shopping centres.

Scientists believe that many Tokyoites – sucked in to the alternate realities that mobile phones and Nintendo DSs provide – are so distrustful of their real-life surroundings that they cannot rely on their own senses: they may be drier than a Martini in the Gobi desert but if the weather forecast says it’s raining, then it must be raining.

Tokyo’s top three Mass Umbrella hotspots:

1. Shinjuku Station’s South Exit
2. Ichigaya Station, Chiyoda
3. Hankyu/Seibu department stores, Ginza

The Peninsula Tokyo

Posted 10 Jan 2009 — by Andy in Tokyo
Category Photography, Tokyo, Travel

For the missus’ birthday we decided to try out The Peninsula Hotel in Yurakucho. We opted for a Park View room, which is a little bit bigger than the standard room:

Nice big bed and sofa:

Very spacious for a hotel in Tokyo:

Big TV. Crucially important for watching J Sports:

The TV had one of those “interactive” menus, which was absolutely rubbish. It was glacially slow and totally unresponsive at times:

Nice selection of magazines under the coffee table. Japanese Esquire is surprisingly good:

Lots of input options for the TV, including memory card slots:

The hotel room comes with a mobile phone (DoCoMo), which means you won’t miss any calls while you’re wandering about town. Very clever:

There’s also a fax machine/printer/copier hidden away:

And an espresso maker:

The bathroom is a very solid-looking affair. Note the eye-catching rock “feature” above the bath:

Two sinks, just in case:

There’s a small LCD TV mounted on the wall. You can also push a “spa” button on the wall next to the bath to automatically dim the lights and turn on some relaxing (sort of) music:

The dressing room has a valet box:

Put whatever you need to be cleaned in the box, press the button and it will be dealt with for you. Your morning papers also mysteriously appear in here every morning:

For the ladies there’s a nail dryer built in to the dressing table:

The view is quite impressive. Our room was on the 20th floor:

The view from the left-hand window:

The big green building in the centre is Shiodome City Center (I think!):

Shinbashi is a bit further down:

The view from the right-hand window. Beautiful clear blue skies in Tokyo in January. Lip-chappingly dry though:

And let’s not forget the free chocolates:

The Peninsula is very handily located. It’s just a short walk to the shops of Ginza and Marunouchi:

View The Peninsula Tokyo in a larger map

H&M in Ginza

Posted 13 Oct 2008 — by Andy in Tokyo
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Although H&M’s Ginza store has been open for several weeks the masses still appear content to spend a beautuful autumn day queuing up outside:

At the time this photo was taken the wait to enter was 2 hours, and it reportedly took another 2 hours to try clothes on in the fitting room:

Chuo-dori, one of Ginza’s main streets, is closed to traffic on weekends:


Posted 27 Nov 2006 — by Andy in Tokyo
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Taken from a restaurant in Ginza last night. I’m writing this entry using my mobile phone on the train home from work as there’s not enough arm space for me to open a book and read, and to be quite honest I’d rather not just have to stand and stare at the back of someone’s head for 10 minutes, which is the only other option. Last Friday some random weirdo decided to do a full gymnastic warm-up by using the handles for standing passengers. It was like a mobile version of the olympics, only totally rubbish. What was the other passengers’ reaction? Pretend to sleep, of course!